Green Darkweb Series Spider Glass Beaker Bong 12 Inches

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This astonishing Darkweb Series Beaker Bong is made of high quality of borosillicate glass from the house of Spider Glass. This Beaker Bong is 12 Inches in height with 9 mm thicknes. This beaker bong has a weight of 1058 gm approximately.

This nice-looking Bong has a pleasing spider web design. Crafted from artisan hand, come with a ice notches capable of holding ice cubes and helps to cool the smoke. This bong is available 10 different colors.
Available Color: Whilte | Teal | Gray | SkyBlue | Yellow | Amber | Blue | Green | Pink | Golden

Height: 12 Inches
Weight: 1058 gm
Dimensions: 135mm
Thickness: 9mm
Available Colors: Green
Sizes: 12 Inches
Brand: Spider Glass
Joint Size: 14mm
Ice: Yes
Made In:
Material: Glass
Shape: Beaker
Usage: Bong
Master Cartoon Qty: 10

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