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This vape holds 2mL of e-liquid and uses a special dual mesh coil system to create thick, satisfying vapor every time you take a puff. Its boosts both flavor and vapor, ensuring a smooth and delicious inhale. And it's designed to be slim and compact, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Its comfy shape fits nicely in your hand as well.

It has a strong 600mAh battery inside, so you can vape for longer before it needs recharging. Plus, it comes with a rechargeable charging port, making it easy to top up the battery whenever you need to. You can keep track of the battery level in real-time with the built-in LED screen, always knowing how much power you have left. And when it comes to flavors, there's plenty to choose from! You can pick between dragon fruit strawberry, orange mango guava, green lime sparkling, watermelon ice, peach mango ice, blueberry sour raspberry, strawberry kiwi, classic fizz, mint, aloe grape ice, and lots more exciting options.

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