Drip'n Evo 10K

As your online headshop, we're thrilled to bring you the newest and most high-tech vaping gear, like the Drip'n Evo 10K Disposable Vape. What makes these vapes special? Well, they come with a huge 19ML E-Liquid tank, meaning you can savor your favorite flavors for longer without needing to refill constantly. Plus, with its powerful 650mAh battery, you can count on it to deliver a strong and dependable performance every time you take a puff.

We've got a mouthwatering selection of flavors, including blueberry swirl ice, electric fruit blast, mango peach watermelon, lychee mango melon ice, peach blue razz ice, raspberry peach mango ice, spearmint blast ice, strawberry banana mango ice, snazzy storm, and many more! You can buy them from our online shop hassle-free. Each flavor is expertly crafted to ensure a delightful vaping journey. Plus, it's sleek and fits perfectly in your hand, while its stylish design adds a classy vibe to your vaping experience.

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