Flavour Beast Fixx 3000

As your online headshop, we're excited to present the newest addition to our lineup: the Online Flavour Beast Fixx 3000 Disposable Vapes in Canada. With its powerful 1250mAh battery, Flavour ensures extended usage, letting you enjoy your favorite flavors all day worry-free. Plus, its 8 ML e-liquid capacity ensures long-lasting and satisfying vaping sessions. And since it's disposable, there's no need for charging, making it hassle-free and perfect for on-the-go vaping.

Choose from a range of mouthwatering flavors like Awesome Aloe Blackcurrant Iced, Loco Cocoa Latte Iced, Savage Strawberry Watermelon, and more, all available online. Each flavor is carefully crafted to ensure a satisfying vaping experience with every puff. With its slim and ergonomic design, it fits comfortably in your hand, while its sleek appearance adds a touch of elegance to your vaping sessions. A standout feature of this product is its advanced Mesh Coil technology, offering exceptional vaping experiences. Enjoy pure flavor and thick vapor clouds with every draw. Plus, since there's no need for charging, you can open the box and start enjoying it right away.

This vape is famous for its amazing flavors. It always uses top-quality ingredients, so you can enjoy a variety of tasty flavors. Whether you like fruity, sweet, or classic tobacco tastes, you'll find something you love. Don't wait, get yours now and make your vaping experience even better! Contact us via email or our live chat. At Smoker’s Plaza, we are only satisfied if our customer is satisfied, so choose us as your online smoke shop!