Four Stage Grinder

We take pride in offering top-notch grinders that are made to make your cannabis experience better. Our four-step grinders are a great addition to any cannabis user's tools, making it easy to grind your herbs perfectly and efficiently.

This grinder is made with great precision and it's different from regular two-stage grinders because it has a unique four-stage grinding process. This special design makes sure your herbs and spices are perfectly ground, giving you a tastier and more even final product. Let's check out each step of our grinders and see how they do the work.

Stage 1 - The first step you do with the Cannatonik grinder is to make your herbs a bit rough. The grinder's top cover has sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that make this step really simple. This way, you can grind your herbs easily without putting in much effort.

Stage 2 - In the second stage, you'll have a set of really well-made teeth that help improve what you're working with. This step is all about making your herbs or spices smoother and the same all over, so you get a more even outcome.

Stage 3 - In the third stage, that's when the real amazing stuff happens. The grinder uses a special filter to collect the top-quality bits in the lower part, and it leaves the rest behind.

Stage - 4 -The final part of using this grinder is when you collect the very best part of your herbs or spices, known as kief. Kief is the super fine and super potent stuff that you find at the bottom of the grinder.

If you want to improve your herb experience, these grinders are an excellent choice. They perform effectively and won't disappoint you, making sure you get the most out of your herbs.