Lost Vape 7500

As your online headshop, we're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our product lineup: the Lost Vape Orion Bar Disposable Vape, now available online in Canada. This vape is crafted for vapers seeking an exceptional experience, providing an impressive 7500 puffs.

Enjoy the ease of the Orion Bar with its generous 18ml e-liquid capacity. Enjoy extended vaping sessions without frequent refills. The device features a robust 650mAh rechargeable battery, providing reliable and long-lasting power for your vaping enjoyment. Say goodbye to interruptions and savor the simplicity of using this powerful device for an extended time. Its stylish box mod design combines fashion and function, offering a modern appearance. The ergonomic mouthpiece ensures a comfortable vaping experience, while the adjustable airflow allows you to customize draw resistance effortlessly.

Made to be tough and durable for daily use, ensuring a long-lasting vape experience. You can easily keep the vaping fun going by charging it effortlessly using the included USB-C charging feature. It's simple and quick to use. Our product includes adjustable airflow and a top-notch mesh coil that allows users to customize their vaping experience according to their preferences, resulting in smoother, richer flavors. We are known as a retail shop in this area. People everywhere are eager to purchase our products because we collaborate with online shops. Contact us now to place an order or learn more about our offerings.