Smoker’s Plaza has become one the top smoking goods online retailer when it comes to one hitters and dugouts. One hitters are basically a smaller version of a pipe. They are usually preferred by smokers who want just a quick hit on the go of their bud. Dugouts are basically a small storage cases for your herb and your one hitter. These are especially ideal for camping or ski trips, because they are so compact and portable. We are your go to online headshop and we carry the best high-quality one hitters and dugouts.

Some of our most popular dugouts are from Cannatonik. We have cylindrical dugouts in the colours silver, red, green, gold, blue, and black. We also have the Cannatonik aluminum dugouts that have various different kinds of designs on them like the Hamsa, mushrooms, octopus, samurai, snake lady, and lips. The dugouts come in many different sizes so grab your as soon as you can to catch the wave!

We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to help and educate people. As your online smoking products retailer, we aim to give you the best satisfaction possible. Please contact us via email or our live chat if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help.