Three Stage Grinder

Search no more! The Cannatonik Three Stage Grinder is here to change the way you grind herbs and elevate your herb preparation to a whole new level. With its clever design and top-notch build, this grinder is the perfect tool for both fans and experts. Its circular design is perfect for people who love herbs. It's 56mm wide, which means it's just the right size for being both convenient and effective.

Let's take a look at each part of our grinders and see how they get the work done.

Stage 1: Grinding In the first stage of our grinder, you'll discover super-accurate diamond teeth that easily crush your herbs into tiny, even pieces. These sharp teeth are specially designed to easily slice through even the toughest herbs, guaranteeing you always get a finely ground mixture.

Stage 2: Sifting After your herbs complete the first stage, they will pass through a mesh screen. This screen separates the larger pieces from the smaller ones. This step ensures that only the finest and most uniform parts of your herbs reach the final stage.

Stage 3: Collecting In our grinder, the bottom part is designed to collect the small pieces, making it easy for you to access your herbs whenever you need them. Our grinder has three sections that make using and cleaning it simple and efficient, helping you get the most out of your herbs.

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